Monday, July 29, 2013

Personal Learning Network Update

Here’s an update on teaching myself the basics of yoga using my Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I’ve started building my very own personal learning network .  Currently it is an area I’ve set aside on  Evernote, a tool for tracking bits of information you don’t want to lose.   My note contains  links to resources to help me get started with yoga and links to resources on other topics that are of interest to me.

Reading about PLNs on Pinterest has led me to sign up for Pinterest. I am now following 6 Pinterest boards.  Through Eric Sheninger I have access to links of resources and tools that will help to improve my teaching.   I had heard from colleagues that Pinterest was a neat a tool to use for learning about different things. After visiting the Pinterest site, I see why they are excited.  

Through Google, I have found many yoga forums and yoga blogs. Some of which I have documented  within Evernote.  I am specifically searching for blogs and forums that are useful for yoga novices and that are free.  The forums and blogs will help in answering my questions about yoga basics, including the history of yoga, and learning some of the vocabulary that is specific to yoga.

As William Richardson on Personal Learning Network video shares, PLNs are the trend in education. Our students are using PLNs outside the classroom. They are selecting the online resources and tools they want to use, and they are selecting what they want to learn. As educators we need to build on their knowledge and skills and guide them to use these technologies in a way that is meaningful and supportive of their education. As William Richardson further suggests, by building my own PLN, I hope to understand the power of PLNs and the complexities of using and creating them.


  1. Great post. You succinctly lay out the different variables that affect, and develop our own learning networks in online spaces.

  2. It is amazing how much we can learn online!