Monday, July 15, 2013

About myself

As the Library Media Specialist of Washington Middle School my job has a myriad of roles.  
I manage the library resources, teach  information and media literacy, collaborate with teachers on projects, and manage the library's technology and media.   These roles intertwine to produce a rich library media program.

As manager of the library program, I evaluate the library’s collection and add both print and non-print resources to complement curriculum, meet student interest,  and enhance student learning.  

As a teacher and collaborator,  I teach sixth graders information literacy skills meeting with them once every 8 day rotation. I develop and execute lessons to help students locate, identify, analyze and evaluate information resources both print and non print. I collaborate with teachers in executing lesson that utilize media literacy skills.

As teacher and advisor to the Broadcast Club,   I teach students how to use technology to share information using a television broadcast platform.  There are currently 43 student members in the club. They learn about reporting and video production.

As a media manager,  I produce video and slide presentations to promote school initiatives and school events for the school and community.  

I look forward to learning through the IT&ML program and developing skills that will enhancing what I teach.

On a personal level, I have a great supportive family. My husband's name is Gregg and I have a thirteen year old daughter, Mia. I love latin music and love to salsa dance!


  1. I would love to hear more about your broadcasting club. What type of technology do you use? Can I pick your brain? I would love to bring this to my middle school kids.

  2. Absolutely you can. I am in the process of assisting another middle school in on District to get up and running with their broadcast. The only real expensive piece of equipment that provides for video switching, transitions, and green screen technology is the Tricaster (about 4,000.00). Other than that we have 2 video cameras, microphones, and a couple of computers. And a lot of cables! LOL

  3. Connections picking up!!!

    I look forward to having you provide insight into how we can effectively embed media literacy into some of the ORMS curriculum.