Sunday, July 21, 2013

Networked Learning Project

When I heard I had to teach myself how to do something I wanted to learn, I immediately thought of the various home projects my husband and I have identified and placed on our to do list.  I was intrigued with the thought of getting these projects done and the possibility of doing them myself.  I considered repairing the brick wall that edges a small part  of my driveway.  Over the years, the wall has taken a beaten from drivers, mostly friends and family,  who are unfamiliar with the way the wall suddenly juts out. It’s not a very big job, only a few bricks need to be replaced, but can I really lay brick?  Hmmm, I’m not sure.  Do I really want to experiment on something that is so visible?  I think not.   Turning to other possibilities, I considered painting. I have a ceiling that needs to be painted.  I’ve seen professional painters paint ceilings.  It seems like a real pain in the neck.  I quickly reconsidered.  

After much thought, I decided to turn away from the idea of attacking back breaking home projects and focus on something that I’ve always wanted to do for myself, but never have.  Yoga is something I’ve wanted to try because of the benefits you get from doing it.  I’ve been told by a friend, who practices yoga, that it is a great way for relaxing, a great way to relieving stress, and can even help you sleep better.  Sounds great!  So why haven’t I tried it yet? I think that finding the time to get started has been an issue, but I also feel the language, poses, and exercises used in yoga seem strange and a little intimidating.  This assignment is a perfect opportunity to get started.  The goal of my networked learning project is to become familiar with the concepts of yoga, and teach myself exercises and poses that are appropriate for beginners.  As required by this assignment, I will use Internet resources to research yoga and the exercises and poses that I will perform.  I plan to measure how well I’ve met my goal by sharing what I’ve learned with my friend, who has been practicing yoga for many years, and who can give me her feedback.  I am very excited about beginning my network learning project and discovering the possibilities of feeling more relaxed.

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  1. Sounds like a great activity. I always pick the "back breaking" work. I'll be soon Googling how to replace windows, and doing it myself. That should be fun. I think yoga should be quite the learning activity. It might provide a chance to video capture these materials to document your own learning...and technique.