Friday, July 19, 2013


This blog entry is about TPACK, a teaching model for incorporating technology in instruction.  TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. It is a teaching model that identifies what knowledge a teacher needs in order to successfully utilize technology in her teaching.   The model serves to simplify and clarify the complexities of integrating technology in teaching.  The models TPACK divides the process of teaching using technology into 3 components of knowledge. (

                                                       TPACK IN 3 MINUTES

As Royce Kimmons shows in the Youtube video, TPAK in 3 minutes, The model contains three components, or three domains of knowledge.  The domains of knowledge are:  1) the technology knowledge domain which is the knowledge of how to use software and hardware 2) the content knowledge or subject matter knowledge  3) and the knowledge of pedagogy or how to teach.  The combination of these three knowledge domains leads to best practices for integrating technology in classroom instruction.  The sub domains that are formed when these domains of knowledge intersect is the basis for studying and understanding effective teaching and integrating technology into classroom instruction.

The sub domains of knowledge formed by the TPACK model  is an area of contention among critics of the model.  In his  blog,, Richard Olsen argues that TPACK is flawed because the sub domain formed by the intersection of pedagogy and technology is  not accurate. This is where pedagogy knowledge and technology knowledge meet.  He defends that knowledge of technology knowledge is part of pedagogy and therefore should not be represented  as a separate domain.

 The TPACK model  is clear and simple to understand.  Knowledge of technology, whether a separate domain or as an integral part of pedagogy, is still needed for effective teaching using of technology in the classroom.   Effective teaching with technology cannot be achieved if any of the three knowledge components identified in TPACK are missing. The model shows the essential components to effective teaching with technology. 


  1. Great overview Nancy. I appreciate how you embedded the video into your post to help explain it. I think your last paragraph is a nice, clear way to explain TPACK to a colleague that might not be familiar with the literature.