Thursday, July 31, 2014

Using Video Mashups in Teaching

Using images, sound, and videos is a great way to provide information to your students. Cant's find that perfect picture or video to meet your learning objectives? No problem, just create a "mashup", a blend of content from one more sources. Mozillas' Popcorn Maker is a free tool you might want to explore. Click here a tutorial made by +Joseph Depalma  on how to use Popcorn Maker.  I worked with Joseph on  a mashup about the "The Life Cycle of a Plant". We used a picture from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and set it to the theme song from Star Wars that we found on SoundCloud.  Check out our video below.

Mashups can be a fun and engaging way to provide lesson materials and information to your students.  Your students can pause the video to take notes, rewind to review information, and replay over and over.  If you want to flip your classroom, you'll want to begin creating mashups to create relevant content for your lessons.

Remember to always adhere to copyright laws and fair use laws. Giving credit when credit is due is the right thing to do when using the content of others. Visit my website to find lessons and resources on copyright and fair use.

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