Monday, July 7, 2014

My Digital Portfolio

César Poyatos

I have been asked to identify what my digital portfolio of my participation in the University of New Haven’s Digital Media Literacy & Instructional Technology Program will include. After thoughtful consideration, my portfolio will be a collection of artifacts that represent what I believe are key concepts for the effective integration of technology in the K-12 classroom.  The purpose will be to serve as a resource for others who are interested in the use of instructional technology and digital media literacy.  Additionally, it will be a collection of exemplary work I have developed and will document my learning.  I will consider the following in my portfolio:
  • digital literacy concepts
  • models of effective technology integration
  • considerations of teaching with technology (inclusive practices, digital citizenship, copyright)
  • PLNs and resources
  • global education
  • technology tools for teaching and learning
  • strategies & methods
  • assessing with technology

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss, refine, and build my digital portfolio.

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