Monday, July 7, 2014

Elements of a Digital Portfolio

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Electronic or digital portfolios are a collection of purposely selected work made by an individual, group, or institution.  The portfolio has a clear purpose and goal.  In the area of education, digital portfolios can document knowledge, show exemplary work, serve as a base for assessment, or any combination of these.  The purpose may be use to show credentials, to show achievements, for college admission, to obtain employment, or for a class grade.

Digital portfolios allow the creator to use text, images, and multimedia information to document and meet the purpose and goal of the portfolio.  Portfolios encourage personal reflection. The creator has the opportunity to communicate and share their thoughts on the work they have selected and on the learning process involved with the work.  Digital portfolios may also include comments and thoughts made by others about items in the portfolio. This additional feature may add to the creators’ knowledge and provide comments and feedback that could enhance the portfolio.

The portfolio should be well organized and the artifacts should be clearly labeled to help the viewer understand the content, locate the work, and easily move through the portfolio. A table of contents or index can be included to help organize the portfolio.

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