Saturday, August 3, 2013

Connectivism - PLNs & COPs


Using Coggle I created a sample mind map of my basic understanding of Connectivism.  The theory of Connectivism, in very basic terms, is the theory that learning occurs through connections.  Personal Learning Networks (PLN) and Communities of Practice (COP)  are examples of how people are using the Internet to connect to networks and groups of individuals to learn. PLNs and COPs are examples of how connectivism works in the digital world.   

My mind map has examples of various PLNs and COPs that I found through Google.  The nodes represented in the diagram are resources that I might include in my learning network. Some of these resources I’ve used in the past, the others I have booked marked for future reference.  I added the Instructional Technology & Digital Media Literacy class IT&DML, of which I am currently enrolled, because of the learning connection I have made with my classmates.  Through google groups and our blogs, we’ve shared and we’ve learned from each other. To my mind map,  I could have also added chromebook Edu, Google Apps for Education, Online Research and Media Skills, and the other Google communities I am connected to because they too are part of my learning network.  

The advantage that a teacher has by joining a PLNs and COPs is the connection to other educators who share similar interests.  Teachers who want to use technology in the classroom would benefit greatly because of the ability to learn and share experiences.   Technology is evolving so rapidly that joining groups and communities that focus on classroom technology will help keep teachers informed and up to date. There are many COPs and PLNs in various fields. For example, I’ve found a YOGA group that I’m thinking of joining.
With regards to Coggle Mind Map , it was very easy to use. I think students could easily start to use it with little training. I can see Coggle as a helpful tool for organizing ideas.  I was, however,  exited from the program 3 times prior to saving this last mind map to a png file. I’m not sure why the program booted me out.  It could be caused by my Chromebook and its unstable ways.

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  1. Nancy,

    Your post was really interesting. I have not looked into Coogle Mind map yet but it definitely looks like a very useful tool.