Sunday, August 4, 2013

Network Learning Project Updates

Since my last blog. I have found great resources to further my introduction to yoga.  I have created a Pinterest Board called Yoga for Beginners. The board has six pins that include meditation videos and beginner yoga poses.

Using Animoto, I have documented why I selected to introduce myself to yoga as my network learning project. I used advanced Google search to find images with usage right that were free to use and share.

Using Coggle, I’ve organized my information and have mind mapped how I will present the information.  I started creating a slide presentation in Google Docs with the information that I've gathered.

In terms of applying what I have learned, I decided to start my yoga practice with simple mantra meditation.

My asana, is my bedroom and I am using Sukhasana, a very simple sit down pose, to perform mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is good for finding your stillness within, a state of mind of positiveness.  It requires deep breathing. As you inhale your abdomen extends out. Upon exhale, you pull your abdomen in. Mantra meditation requires chanting. The words you chant can be an expression, a prayer, a line from your favorite poem, any words that hold a special meaning to you are appropriate.  Om, is a mantra that is often used.  Om means relaxation, meditation, and harmony.  During meditation, the mantra is repeated while inhaling deeply and exhaling.  You should be aware of your breath and follow its flow.  You should continue to repeat your mantra and focus on your breath. Beginners can count their breath as they inhale to gain focus. Breathing should be deep and focused. Your thoughts will begin to shift to the noise of everyday life. As this happen refocus again on your breathing and continue to count. During meditation you should be aware of everything inside.   

By meditating, you are bringing the brain into a relaxed state, the body follows. Breathing is very important.

The benefits of meditation are many. They include better sleep, more creativity and intelligence, and lower blood pressure.  Sounds good to me!


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