Monday, August 12, 2013

Network Learning Project Update - Practicing Yoga

I have started practicing what I’ve learned from the online learning resources I have gathered.  Last week, I meditated every morning for 10 minutes and started practicing yoga poses. I found video resources for yoga beginners to help with yoga poses.  After every yoga session I reflected and recorded the reflections using Evernote. I’ve shared below my reflections and a sample of the video tutorial for the yoga poses.  I am very pleased with the resources I have found to  get started with yoga.

Yoga Reflections
Tuesday AM meditation - uncomfortable for back - distracted by environmental sound - find meditation music to listen to while meditating.
Focus on breathing properly - How do I empty my mind again? 10 mins go by fast!
Wednesday AM meditation-  Uncomfortable back must research - much better with music - work on breathing and emptying mind?
Thursday - Meditate. Turned timer off to keep going😌
It was most helpful to review meditation video.

Watched Warrior 1 pose video, it’s for beginners and promotes weight loss.
Moving into Warrior 1 Pose

Reflection on Warrior 1 pose - Tried it, is this for beginners? Awkward balance. Need to review.
Friday AM
Childs Pose
Meditation is relaxing!
Very helpful to review Warrior 1 pose. Correct balance by stretching legs in opposing direction. Next challenge is breathing.
Childs pose is relaxing and stretching feels great.


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