Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using Twitter

I have recently begun to use twitter. Honestly, I thought it was not going to be a tool for me.  As part of my ED722 class at the University of New Haven, my class was asked to participate in a social poetry experiment using twitter called #walkmyworld.   I have been tweeting now for a few months, and I now see the value  and usefulness of twitter. It is a great tool for sharing information.  The 140 character limit keeps messages fast and concise. It is most helpful in processing information.  The ability to attach multimedia helps to add meaning to messages.  I recommend that when you begin using twitter you also look into software that will help you organize and capture your tweets. I use tweetdeck to organize my twitter account.  Using Storify, I've curated the tweets that I sent to the #walkmyworld poetry project.   Enjoy the examples!

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