Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reflections on Deeper Learning

The Deeper Learning MOOC has helped me improve as an educator.    The concept of deeper learning has given me a new and improved perspective on teaching and learning. Deeper Learning in students is characterized by:
  • mastering academic content
  • being able to think critically and problem solve
  • collaborate
  • effectively communicate
  • self directed learning
  • possessing an academic mindset
The resources provided through DLMOOC helped me reflect and think about how I can lead my students into deeper learning. The following are links to Storifies I created on the weekly topics of DLMOOC. 
I am working to use the consultancy protocol used in DLMOOC for reviewing and improving students’ work. I have begun to share the protocol and the concept of deeper learning with teachers in my building.   I feel the consultancy process will help identify opportunities to improve projects and help students reach deeper learning.

The DLMOOC was my first MOOC. I feel it was an awesome professional development opportunity. I would recommend this MOOC for teachers who want to improve their practices. I was able to communicate and exchange ideas, and I expanded my personal learning network. It was a great learning experience! I am looking forward to the next one.

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