Sunday, February 16, 2014

Student Voices in Learning

This week in ED 720 we looked at the power of student voice and agency in learning.  I listened to Dave Burgess author of, Teach Like a Pirate, describe and discuss how his students actively participate in their learning. Burgess creates educational  experiences for his students and immerses them in learning.  Educators are creatively presenting materials in their classrooms in order to  get students excited and curious about learning!

Within week 4 of DLMOOC, the power of student voice was discussed as a powerful method for engaging students and inspiring deeper learning.  I found the panelist very inspiring and interesting. Student choices can help students apply their interests in their learning.  One thread of the panel’s discussion related to equity.  Whose voice would be heard?  In addition to providing choices,  we must also provide a classroom where ALL students feel safe and are encouraged to voice opinions and ideas. Pedro Norguera’s, How Listening to Students Can Help Schools to Improve, was very insightful.  Giving students a voice in their learning will  inspire them to participate and learn!

Using this week’s theme of pirates, I’ve made an acrostic about how I feel teachers can get students excited and curious about learning.

  • P  Passion - Show your passion to excite your students!
  • I   Individuals We are teaching individuals that have different strengths and interests. Create opportunities for success for all students by giving them choices in their learning.  
  • R Reflect - Reflect on what works and what does not, and adjust your lessons.
  • A Authentic - Make learning meaningful and relevant to students. Immerse them in learning.
  • T Teacher to student relationships. Foster and nurture them. Students want to know teachers care about their learning. It can motivate students.
  • E Encourage - Encourage students and inspire them to success. “I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” ~Michael Jordan. Use the tell me more to encourage students to explain and ask questions that lead to deeper learning.
  • S - Student Centered. Make your classroom student centered! Give them a voice in their learning. Listen to students. Validate their learning.

My storify presents ideas of how student voice can help motivate and get students involved in their learning.

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